More about Kapela Banachy

Kapela Banachy is a family folk band, founded somewhere in the late nineties. Besides Peter, Stan and Eugene Banach,  especially Małgorzata, Eugene's wife and her younger sister, Anna, often join the band, singing. As both sisters had lived most of their lives in the region of the Babia Góra, in the Beskidy Mountains in Poland, an important part of the Kapela's repertoire derives from this beautiful region.

Furthermore, an important part of Kapela Banachy's repertoire consists of regional Christmas Carols.

At young age, Peter and Stan played Carpathian folk music tunes on their violins. It didn't take very long before their parents joined in, singing and accompanying on viola. The first gigs, of course, took place in the living room at home, at birthday parties and later, with relatives and friends.

After a while, however, the repertoire became more and more mature and suddenly, the Kapela was playing outdoors, in front of an audience. This was somewhere around the change of the millennium. Since then, Kapela Banachy has performed at numerous occasions in Poland, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands.

It is our love to the authenticity but also the simplicity of the tunes and the catching lyrics of the Northern Carpathians that move us forward, playing this kind of music. "Once the music had caught us, it never has let us free anymore."