About us

Kapela Banachy is a  folk band from Heerlen, The Netherlands. We mostly play folk music from the northern part of the Carpathian Mountains, i.e. from different regions in the southern part of Poland, Slovakia, as well as in Hungary. Our repertoire consists of cheerful, energetic polkas up to melancholic, virtuosic csardases. The most important thing we find is fun, playing this kind of music, which is very well visible on stage! Sometimes we are supported by family and friends.

Kapela Banachy are Peter Banach (violin, vocals), Stan Banach (bass, double bass, vocals) and Eugene Banach (viola, vocals), with Małgorzata Banach-Chmiel (vocals) and Anka Sinkiewicz-Chmiel (vocals).

We have performed in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Poland.